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Early sound experience matters! It can alter subplate circuits in auditory cortex.

We knew that subplate neurons are the first cortical neurons to respond to sound. Ying and Didhiti now show in mice that altering peripheral activity can change subplate circuits in auditory cortex even before the ear canals open and before thalamus activates layer 4. Thus sensory experience can shape subplate circuits before the “traditional/classic” critical period. Read it here in Science Advances.

What is the role of transient circuits in development? New review out in Science

Many long discussions with my cherished colleagues Zoltan Molnar (Oxford University) and Heiko Luhmann (Gutenberg University Mainz) about transient circuits in development resulted in a joint review where we distill our thoughts. Read it here in Science: “Transient cortical circuits match spontaneous and sensory-driven activity during development

Booting up

The new lab is coming to life. The paint is dry, ethernet ports are active, air tables are installed, most lasers are on the tables, and the microscopes are not too far behind. Stay tuned….

The developmental story of L2/3 circuits: through hyperconnectivity to sparsity

Big team effort lead by Ying to track the functional development of L2/3 circuits and in vivo activity in A1. Turns out there is substantial transient functional hyperconnectivity esp. from subgranular layers paired with increased pairwise correlations during the critical period. Maybe these connections play a role in plasticity during the critical period? Read the whole story here in Cerebral Cortex.

The Mouse school!

Nik and Kayla developed a mouse school enabling high throughput behavioral testing! Read the paper from the lab introducing the ToneBox and our first observations using automated behavioral experiments. Build your own! Read it here in eNeuro