Monthly Archives: June 2022

Phoenix rising

2 years ago we shut down the lab at UMD for COVID. Over the next year we packed up the lab and moved it to our new home at JHU. A lot of trips carrying stuff in our own cars, during COVID restrictions. Then came rebuilding of old setups and building of new setups with all the supply chain issues. This month marks the moment when the first papers and posters entirely generated in our new lab are being submitted. A momentous occasion that would have been impossible without the teamwork of the fantastic group of people that form the lab and that I have the privilege working with. Congratulations and thanks to: Binghan, Chih-Ting, Didhiti, Georgia, Ji, Jonah, Kate, Kelson, Lillian, Minzi, Travis.

New paper out showing sequential transmission of task-relevant information in A1

How is information about sound and behavioral choice integrated and processed in auditory cortex to lead to a behavior? Fantastic close collaboration with Babadi and Panzeri lab by Nik, Shoutik, and Loren shows that there are neurons encoding both sound and task information and that there is a sequential transmission of task-televant Information in A1. Read it here in Cell Reports.